When you create a new page, you may have a plan for the sidebar. All sidebars are controlled by widgets, and the widgets live in what are called regions. Regions are based on a page or area of the website. For example, if on all of your location pages you want a sidebar to display all of your locations, you would need a region for locations or the parent of locations, depending on how you have your navigation set up. So if the parent of my Locations page is The Practice, I would create a region called The Practice Sidebar. Here's how:

  1. Sidebars & Widgets > Add New
  2. Sidebar title: The Practice Sidebar
  3. Status: Active
  4. Replace existing SideBar: Main Sidebar
  5. Widget Alignment: 99% of the time will be Vertical
  6. Description is optional
  7. Select all the pages/posts that live under The Practice menu. User roles/Logged in as always need to have all green check-marks.
  8. Save Sidebar
  9. Go to Appearance > Widgets - You will see the new region you just created.
  10. Add a widget to the region. Customize. Save.
  11. Set Visibility to whatever pages/posts you want the widget to show up on. So for my specific Locations example, I would uncheck all pages except the individual locations. Close the pop-up window. Save widget.
  12. Check the live site to see if it worked.