Creating a Blog

  1. Blog > Posts
  2. Blue "Add Blog" button
    Title and Authors are required
  3. Save!

Now that you have a blog setup, you're ready to start publishing blog posts. If you wish to separate your blog into categories, you can create categories simply by navigating to Blog > Categories.

Adding a Blog Post

  1. Blog > Posts
  2. Blue "Add Post" button
  3. Required fields are in bold
  4. Save!

Tips & Tricks
  • If you're not yet ready to publish a post to your website, leave the Status set to Draft.
  • Blog posts are ~70% more likely to be clicked on if they have an image associated with them. Please use the "Cover Image" field for the main image for a blog post.
  • Most choose to un-check the Comments box, unless you wish to encourage discussion on your posts.
  • You can choose to publish a post in the future, by selecting a future Publish Date for a post. 
  • Do not choose an expiration date. This will remove the post from your site completely, and as this post will likely be indexed by search engines, removing it will cause the indexed URL to throw an error, resulting in a potentially poor user experience.