Setting up the page:

  1. In the Admin go to Content > Pages
  2. Click the blue "Add Page" button
  3. Add a check-mark to the Published box
  4. Assign the page to a Category (optional)
  5. Choose the Page Type of General.
  6. Add your Page Title and Page URL
  7. Search Engine Info is optional
  8. Click the Save and Continue Editing button.

Adding your content:

  1. From the Dock dropdown navigate to the Content dock.
  2. Drag the Rich Content widget below your content dock and drop it there.
  3. Click on the Rich Content widget you just placed. Your content editor will now appear. 
  4. Add your content...
  5. Save!

Don't forget! Just because we've created a new page, does not mean everyone can now see it. You need to add a Menu Item to your main navigation (aka your primary menu - this is typically across the top of every single page on your website), so your customers have a way of navigating to the page. Click here for directions on how to add a Menu Item.