The Catalog area within the Admin is actually pretty easy to use. Under Catalog > go to Brands. There you will see your brands. You can rearrange your brands by clicking on the three horizontal bars before the brand name, and dragging that brand to the spot in the list you want it. For each brand in our system we have a default logo, description and website (the designers site) URL. You have the option to alter the descriptions, whether or not the website URL shows, and whether or not the designer is a featured designer. Our recommendation is to poke around this area. Click on one of the brands, and see what you see. As you navigate around things will make more sense. Just be careful with the delete button. :) If you want a designer brand coming from the Thinkspace portal added or removed from your website, please contact us at

You will also see that you can add your own brands, which is pretty self explanatory once you're in there. For "Brand Type" there's only two options- Catalog, which is the view where we show inventory, and Profile, which is for brands that won't give us inventory, and simply contains the designer's logo, a description and the designer's website URL, and/or an iframe. 

Collections are to separate out items by collection within a brand. Adding collections is very similar to adding brands. Collections are the least used - and are best used for multiple "brands" within a brand.

If you have inventory images for a private brand you wish to showcase on the website, add them as Catalog brand versus Profile brand. Create the brand, then to add the items go to Catalog > Items. Here you will see all of the items in the system for your website. If you click on one, you'll see you can go in and alter some of the data associated with each item. You will also see the  "Add Item" button in the top-right corner, and from there you can add in your items. Once you fill-in the first couple boxes and click "Save & continue editing" more fields will appear and you can go into more detail on the item you are adding. You can add multiple images for one item.

You can add/edit your own item categories by going to Catalog > Item Categories. Keep in mind if you edit one that already exists and save over it, you will have to contact us to revert back to the original data.

To recap, when adding your own brands to the website the steps are Brands, Collections, then Items.