We have an Employee app that allows you to add information for each of your employees. An employee landing page will auto populate as well as a detail page for each staff member. 

Below is all the info you can include for each staff member, bold items are required.

  • Name
  • Category (like Owner, Manager, Sales Associate, etc - the categories can be whatever you want and you can have one or multiple categories)
  • Photo
  • Bio
  • Job title (for example Pandora Specialist, Lead Gemologist, etc...)
  • Email
  • Work phone number
  • Location they work (if you have multiple locations - can include multiple locations per person)

To add employees, log into your admin and navigate to Company > Employees. If you will be using multiple categories, you can set those up in Company > Employee Categories

Certain page templates must be in place in order for your employee pages to auto-populate. Please email support@thinkspacehq.com so we can ensure these pages templates are in place before you start adding your employee content.