Note: This article is for QuickCache on WordPress, some of the other caches do not update on save.

Steps to check that the clearing a page's cache might help:

  • Verify the page looks wrong when not logged in.
  • Verify the page looks right when logged in (logged in receives uncached page).

Steps to clear a single page's cache:

  1. Login to the admin.
  2. Visit the page that you'd like to clear.
  3. Click "Edit Page" (on the black bar at the top -- if the bar is missing, you're not logged in as an admin).
  4. Click "Update" on the edit page, don't make any changes.  (There will be a message about "Quick Cache: detected changes.")
  5. Logout and Visit the page to verify that the page has been fixed.

You can use clear cache button which is available from admin bar.

When page or post is modified the cache is cleared automatically but it doesn't happen when a widget or other part of the website is changed.

You have to clear the cache manually then.