Many clients want to capture cc info and then view it somewhere to then enter into their in-store processing system for lower rates. 

After much discussion and research, it is simply not possible for us to create a PCI compliant environment where you can see CC info inside of or anywhere else - turns out that the CC numbers need to be fully encryped in order for it to meet PCI compiance guidelines. While you may have been able to do it this way in the past with other systems we strongly suspect that method is in violation of PCI Compliance guidelines. Our options moving forward are as follows:

 1- use or other TS approved gateway to process any transactions - their rates are not that much different from your in-store rate and the volume of online sales is small enough so that it should not be a big deal

 2 - contact your in-store card processor and tell them you want the API to process through them - we will build the bridge and connect to it at no charge - this way all sales process with the same processor.

 3 - we already have a setting that allows you to take the order online and you get an email with the order info (but no payment page) and instructions for the consumer to pay over the phone. In this case you do not need at all.