Thinkspace is pleased to announce that we have a working Instagram widget once again.  These are the steps that you will need to complete to get the widget working on your website.

Instagram changed their authorization procedures in the summer of 2016, requiring all widgets to be Authorized by the account holder to show Instagram images and links.

Before you begin, please email Thinkspace support and let us know that you are planning on using the Instagram Widget on your website.  There is a URL that we need to add to our developer account for your individual website that must be done BEFORE you attempt this procedure.  Once we email you back that we have added your domain, you can begin. 

Follow these steps:


1.  First login to your Instagram account.

2.  From the same browser, in a new window, log in to the website admin and edit the home page:   Login, then "Content" / "Pages" then find the "Home" page and click on that.

3.  From the Docks drop-down, select the "Instagram" Dock, and then click on the "Instagram" widget inside that dock.

4.  Now click on the "Login to Instagram" green button at the top of the widget itself.


5.  You will now see a pop-up window asking you to either log in to Instagram if you did not already and then, a second pop-up window to Authorize Thinkspace to access your Instagram Account

6.  Next, you should see a final pop-up saying that you have been logged into Instagram.

7.  Click on the Green "Save" button at the bottom of the widget.

That should be it.  Next, check your homepage and see if it is working.