Editing prices across your products are seamless in Thinkspace. Price Rules can be added to particular Brands or Designers to affect prices on your website. Price Rules are particularly useful for the Brands that provide prices at Cost and then allow you to mark them up. Also instead of updating pricing item by item, Price Rules can save you a ton of time. 

To get started login to your site's Admin.

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Add a Markup

Price Rules are located in your Admin's main menu under Shop > Price Rules. To add a new rule click the Add Price Rule button in the top right hand corner.

Once you're on the Add Price Rule form, select your markup Effect, either Fixed markup or Percentage markup. Fixed markup is a fixed number added to the cost price, a fixed markup of $100 on a $50 item will result in a final price of $150. Percentage markup is a percentage multiplied by the cost price, a percentage markup of 100% on a $50 item will result in the final price of $100. 

Once you've selected your markup effect, enter the Markup number tied to the previously selected fixed or percentage markup. When entering a fixed markup, you can omit the leading dollar sign and enter that particular fixed number, 100, 200, 1000, etc. Percentages are entered as decimals, 0.50 = 50%, 1.00 = 100%, 2.0 = 200%, 2.5 = 250%, etc.

Tip: Markdowns work exactly the same as markups but you can use a negative number or percentage.

Once you've entered your markup details, select the Brand you're looking to change from the dropdown. Click Save in the bottom right corner and you're all set!


Editing an existing Markup

Removing a Markup