There are two pieces to every slideshow on your website. There's the Slide Show itself where each image is loaded as a slide, linked, etc (Content > Slide Shows). Then there's the widget that controls the behavior of each slideshow. The widget will live in a Dock on the Page where the slide show is (Content > Pages). You have a few options when it comes to the behavior of each slide show.

To change how your slide show behaves you want to edit the slide show widget, not the slide show itself. To get started login to your site's Admin.

Once you're logged in:

  1. Navigate to Content > Pages
  2. Click on the page the slide show in-question lives on.
  3. From the 'Dock' drop-down select the section of the page the slide show lives in. If it is the Home page, the dock will always be called '1 Banner Bundle'. The widget below it will be called 'Slideshow'. Regardless of the page the slide show is on, the widget will always be called 'Slideshow'. Click on this widget.

Slide Show Widget options breakdown:

The following options will educate you on how to easily modify the behavior of your slide show. When you make a change to the widget, click "Save Widget" at the bottom of the widget, refresh the page the slide show lives on on the front-end of the website to see how it looks. If you don't like it, just put it back to the previous setting and clicking "Save Widget" again.

Style: Typically setup when the widget is added to the page - generally we recommend leaving this as-is, especially on the Home page. If not editing the Home page slide show, feel free to play with the settings in this drop-down.

Number of Slides: The number of images which will display at once before sliding or fading to the next image(s).

Navigation Arrows & Dots: These allow your customer to move through the images quicker if they wish. These two options should be used as either/or, not both. Selecting Arrows will overlay or put arrows to the side of the slide show and Dots will put clickable dots below the slide show.

Loop: When the slide show reaches its last image, it will then replay from the beginning.

Auto-Play: The slide show will play through all the images. If this is not checked, the website user will need to click the arrows or dots to see the following images. Typically we recommend leaving this option on.

Auto-Play Timeout: This option determines how long each image displays before moving to the next.

Speed: The speed of the transition between images. A smaller number will slow the transition down, a higher number will speed the transition up.

Animation In & Out: First, choose we highly recommend using the same animation type for the In and Out. "Slide" moves the image from right to left. "Fade" fades the image out and the next image in.

The following screenshot references the above instructions.