In this article you will learn how to create a new banner for your Home page slideshow that you'll be able to edit with your own messaging. These blank banners can be used to update your customers on any Covid-19 updates you have.

These blank banners are located in your Media folder. Here is the pathway to find them: Media > Library > Styles > Background

You'll find Long banners which are suitable for desktop/PC and Mobile banners which will work on mobile devices.

Follow the instructions here to locate your Home Page slideshow: Desktop and Mobile Slide Shows/Banners

There are several key items you'll want to have completed for the banner.

1. Set status to Active

2. Select Image from Media. This is where you follow the above path to select your banner
3. Page Link, if you are going to link a page (like a blog post) this is where you'll want to insert the link
4. Caption, fill this out with whatever information you'd like to present

Next you'll want to scroll down and do the same process for the Mobile Banner.

Now once you have selected your banners and have your copy written, you'll want to:
1. Enable Overlay
2. Enable Overlay Mobile
3. Select Overlay color. Make sure the overlay color has some translucent so the background can be seen
4. Caption Alignment. Align your copy however you deem fit

Finally, make sure to Save and then you'll be able to view the new slide on your Home Page.