Tired of using aol or yahoo for your emails? Want something more professional, like "name@yourdomain.com"? 

Although Thinkspace does not administer email, we can help you set it up for yourself!

The first step is selecting a service. We recommend Google Apps for Work, https://apps.google.com/, but there are alternatives as well.


  • You can check your email through the gmail app on your phone, ipad, etc.
  • Your email will still be "@yourdomain", rather than "@gmail", even though you'll login through the gmail site
  • It comes with other useful features, like Calendars, Google Drive and Docs for sharing documents, and has great spam protection
  • You can have free emails that are lists. Example, "info@yourdomain.com" would go to multiple users- it wouldn't be an actual email, it would just be a list, so it's free.


  • Price! It's slightly more expensive than other services. It runs ~$50 per user per year

Google apps is the best on the market, but if the price is prohibitive then your next best option is log into your domain site (ex Godaddy) and sign up for email with them. 

In either case, once you've signed up with the service that is best for your store, send an email to support@thinkspacehq.com and we can help verify everything is properly set up properly.