You can use a Team page to showcase your staff/employees for a friendly and relatable touch to help customers to get to know you and your team.

Start by signing into the Admin of your website and then follow these instructions for adding/editing an employee profile:

  • In your dashboard view, click on Company and choose Employees from the dropdown menu. If you want to add a new employee, click on Add Employee. (Note: If you want to edit/delete an existing employee, click on the name of the person you want to edit and then adjust the info as needed and/or choose Delete.)

  • Order: You can change this number to choose the order you would like the employees to sit on the page - the lower the number, the higher they sit on the page. For instance, if you want Jane Doe to show up first on the page, you mark her with the lowest number in the group (below you can see her order number is set to 0).
  • Name: You can add a first and last name like you see below with Jane Doe, but it is not required. If your employee feels more comfortable only showing a first name, that is perfectly fine as well.
  • Slug: This will automatically populate on its own based on the name of the employee. You do not have to edit this field.
  • Category: The default categories in place are "Manager" and "Employee" but you can add any other necessary categories by using the green + symbol next to the dropdown menu. Below you see Jane Doe is marked as an Employee.
  • Image Priority: This tells the system which image should be used first if multiple images are in place. The default will be "Image" and you can leave that as is. This specifies that if you add your own image, that image will take priority over a default silhouette image.
  • Image: If you have your own image of your employee that you would like to upload, please upload the file to that spot. The image should be 350px by 350px for optimal size and shape. Any image file such as a .jpg, .gif, or .png would be fine to use here.
  • Image URL: Please go ahead and leave this item blank. 
  • Generic Image: If you do not have your own image to upload of your employee, feel free to use one of our defaults. Below you see that Jane Doe will be represented by a Female Silhouette. There are also options for a Male Silhouette and a non-gendered Person Silhouette.
  • Bio: Here you can give your employee a description. You can be as detailed as you want - some example text is in the image below.

  • Locations: This allows you to choose the exact store location at which this employee works. This is most applicable to stores with multiple locations. If you only have one location, feel free to leave this item blank.
  • Position: This provides a space to add a job title for the employee. Job titles will show up on the main Employees page right under the employee's name. This field is not required and can also be left blank if you prefer not to specify.
  • Email: If the employee would like to be contacted directly, you can add a personal email address to this field. It is not required and can also be left blank. Always keep in mind the potential for getting spam emails when showing an email address on a website. 
  • Work Phone: Similarly to Email, you can fill in a direct phone number for the employee if they would like to be contacted directly. Otherwise this field is also not required and can be left blank.
  • Now that your employee profile is complete, make sure to Save!