This document goes into detail on how to set up your initial mapping for point of sale data from your inventory system to the website. This is the most important step for retailers to learn with integrating the data with the website.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

If you have not signed up for point of sale integration yet, here is an overview video you can watch explaining what it is.

If you're wondering where in the process your point of sale integration is, see our POS integration process documentation.

Before mapping your inventory data we recommend you watch the below video:

The key mapping points from the above video:

  • The lefthand side of the red bar is what will show up on the website.
  • Mandatory fields for an item to show up are: Brand, Department, and Item Type. 
  • If a brand is not named on the left then nothing from that brand will come over to the website.
  • If a department or item type is missing, the item will not show up on the website.
  • When you are done mapping the file initially, upload it to "Settings, Point of Sale integration", and select "upload mapping file".
  • If you want to update an existing mapping file, download it from that same place (Download mapping file). Make your edits, rename the file as one number higher, then reupload it.
  • After you upload a new mapping file, you must run a FULL export within your inventory system and notify us. We can then pull in the updated new data.
  • Don't worry about miscategorizing or breaking things- we can always refresh the data, pull from an old file, or remove everything and start over.

After you have completed your initial mapping, in the future you may want to add more brands to the site or add extra categorizations to items/etc. How is that accomplished?

First you'll want to log into the admin of your site and click "Settings, Point of Sale integration". Click the "Download Mapping File" button.  That is the file that you will want to edit to change how things come over to your website and how they are categorized.

Open up that Excel mapping file.  You can now give names to new brands on the left that you now want on the website, and add extra optional things like Subtypes or Styles into their appropriate columns.  Once you have completed that work, Save As the file you're working on and change it to the next higher version number (ex, if it was "jewelermappingv1", save the new file as 'jewelermappingv2").  Upload that newer version to the admin of your site (Settings, Point of Sale integration, upload mapping).

For this mapping to take effect you must now go into your point of sale system and trigger a FULL export to the website. Once you have run that full export, email our team at and let them know you've run a full export with a new mapping file.  We will grab the full export with the new mapping and your site will now have the new brands/new categorizations you have selected. 

Frequently asked questions about point of sale integration:

  • Q: Can I edit my point of sale items within the Thinkspace admin?
  • A: We do NOT recommend that edit product data within Thinkspace for items coming from your inventory system. Your inventory system is where we will the data from, so if you (for example), log into your website and change the price or upload a new picture to an item coming from your point of sale system that change will get overwritten at some point.  Do all of the data and image work for your point of sale items within your point of sale.

  • Q: Can my sale pricing feed over to the website?
  • A: Yes! Most inventory systems have two fields for pricing, which typically are Retail Price and Sale or Current price. By default we pull from the Retail Price field. If you also have a price in the Current field that is different, then our system will show both numbers (effectively showing the item is on sale/discounted). If you would like us to use the Sale field instead then let us know and we can adjust the behavior of where those numbers come from and what is shown. Just email our support team for help.

  • Q: I noticed my site has an item on it that shouldn't be there (it sold previously and should have come down).  How do we fix it?
  • A: With most POS systems we receive an automatic partial file once per day that shows any changes made since the prior day.  If, for example, you sold an item today then that partial file show tell us to take the item off the site.  If that partial file was missed, then that item will remain on your site until you perform a FULL export.  A full export will get the website and your inventory synced back up.  When you perform a full export to resync everything, email our support team at and they can sync up your full export with the website.

  • Q: Why aren't some of my items showing up on the site?  I mapped them properly but I don't see them
  • A: There are a few different reasons why the item may not show up on your website. You can troubleshoot some of these things yourself before contacting our team.

    Step 1: Is the item an active in-stock piece? Any items that are not in stock are, by default, excluded from our imports (that includes "memo" items). We can adjust that if you like. Some systems also do not export certain items by default. For example, The Edge does not export any Bulk items, but that can be changed too.

    Step 2: Assuming the item is instock, is the item you want to show up on the website mapped properly? You must make sure to map that brand and that item type to the site, otherwise it will not show up.

    Step 3: If the item is mapped properly, check in your admin under "Catalog, Items" and search for it there. If you see the item but it is set as Incomplete then that means it came over properly but either it had no image, or the image filetype was not supported. JPEG, JPG, and PNG are the supported image formats. File types that will not work: pdfs, tiffs, PSDs, BMPs. Make sure the item has an image in your inventory, and the image type is supported.

    Step 4: If you don't see the item within the admin then email and let us know one (or multiple) item numbers of products that didn't come over and we can help troubleshoot. We can check and see if the file was passed to us from your inventory system, and what the problem is. But we will ask for the first 3 steps above, so you may want to check those first.