To Utilize the itSpecialPrice field on the Edge, along with the start and end date support, please do the following steps.

  1. Go to the FieldMap page on the website: 
  2. Set the "ItemSpecialPrice" (EDT) or "itSpecialPrice" (TPW) field to "data._pos_raw_special_price"
  3. Set the "ItemSpecialPriceDateEnd" (EDT) or "itSpecialPriceDateEnd" (TPW) field to "data._pos_raw_special_end_date"
  4. Set the "ItemSpecialPriceDateStart" (EDT) or "itSpecialPriceDateStart" (TPW) field to "data._pos_raw_special_start_date"
  5. SAVE the /admin/tsj_pointofsale/fieldmap/ page
  6. Go to the Point of Sale Preferences page:
  7. Check the box for "Use the Edge Special Prices with start and end dates"
  8. SAVE the page /admin/preferences/tsj_5Fpointofsale/
  9. Run a FULL export from your TPW or EDT program on the Edge server.
  10. Have Thinkspace support do a FULL import for you.

Verify also that:

"itCurrentPrice"  ("ItemCurrentPrice" on EDT) = "price.price

"itRetailPrice"  ("ItemRetailPrice" on EDT) = "price.retail_price"

Check your Sale SKU's after the FULL import.