Prior to launching your new website we'll need to set up the URL you and your customers will use to connect to your store online. By default your store will have a domain that looks like this is great for testing and development but you may have purchased something more memorable or already have an existing website such as

In order to launch your new website, we'll want to point that domain name over to Thinkspace. This is typically handled by a third-party, some popular providers are GoDaddy, Network Solutions., Google Domains or Namecheap. You will continue to use these services even though Thinkspace will be hosting your website. These third-party providers are in charge of managing and renewing your domain names every so often.

Find your provider below for more instructions:

Who is my provider?

It happens all the time, folks forget where their domain is registered. Don't worry this is typically pretty easy to find. The first and easiest thing to do is search your billing records. You should have received receipts and paperwork when you first bought your domain. If it's been too long, check your more recent business records or credit card statements, you have to pay a small yearly charge for the domain name to keep it active. Email records, bank statements, searching for keywords like "domain" or "registrar".

No luck? The internet can usually tell you this information as well. Head over to ICANN, these folks are a non-profit that help secure and keep the internet operating. Enter your domain name and start the search, we're looking for Registrar Information, for example, LLC

Still no luck? Contact your current web developer and ask them who your provider is and how you can get access. Sometimes when building your website, developers will register your domain for you. They are required to give you access and the domain should be registered under your business.

Talk to your provider

When adjusting your domain with your provider you can contact their support, they're used to doing this and can easily walk you through the process or do it for you. Just let them know the following:

  • You want your main domain (also known as your domain's A record) to point to the Thinkspace IP address:
  • You want your subdomain (also known as your www CNAME record) to point to the A record that was just added, this is the "at" symbol: @