Your domain name is your website's address, you type this into your browser, These are typically purchased and managed separately from who actually builds your website, separate from Thinkspace. You may know some of the familiar third-party provider names, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Namecheap, and even folks like Google help with this. With a domain you'll need to keep it current, you'll need to pay at least a yearly fee to keep it. Some folks will buy it for multiple years, we recommend this. We also recommend making sure the domain name auto-renews, this helps you remember even when you don't remember and the last thing we want is to lose our .com ...

Who is my provider?

It happens all the time, folks forget where their domain is registered. Don't worry this is typically pretty easy to find. The first and easiest thing to do is search your billing records. You should have received receipts and paperwork when you first bought your domain. If it's been too long, check your more recent business records or credit card statements, you have to pay a small yearly charge for the domain name to keep it active. Email records, bank statements, searching for keywords like "domain" or "registrar".

No luck? The internet can usually tell you this information as well. Head over to ICANN, these folks are a non-profit that help secure and keep the internet operating. Enter your domain name and start the search, we're looking for Registrar Information, for example, LLC

Still no luck? Contact support and we can most likely assist you.