In this article you'll learn how to feature items or products on your website. Featuring an item will allow it to show prevalently on your website, either on the Home Page (if you choose) or the top of a given product page.  

When setting up your site one of the best practices you can do is feature product that is specific to your store. You spend countless hours organizing your store, building out showcases, and featuring your best product, and your website is no different. To assist in bringing specific items to the top of the list, we have added the ability to feature and even order your featured products.

When first organizing your site we always suggest ordering your brands by their popularity and their importance to your site. Head on over to your site's admin, from the dashboard go to Catalog > Brands there you'll see a list of all the brands on your site, the default ordering is alphabetical but you can easily drag and drop your brands in the order you best see fit. To re-order the brands simply grab the brand on the left hand side and drag it up or down to adjust the order.

Once your brands are in order, we're going to move over to product, in the same admin head over to Catalog > Items from there you'll see a list of every product available on the site, you can search by stock number, filter by brand, or the type of item to help you find the items you're looking to feature. Once you've found the item you're looking for there are two ways to feature them, you can feature an item in bulk right on the list page. This is done by checking the box directly next to the item, then selecting the action Mark selected items as featured then clicking Apply.

You can also click on the item in question to edit it, on the edit page you'll again find a Featured checkbox, here you'll also find Featured Weight. Featured weight is how you can sort the order of the Featured items. You'll enter a number for the weight, we suggest starting at 0 for your top item, then adding your second item at 10, your third item at 20, fourth at 30, incrementing by 10 each time. The reasoning here is that if you want to change the order again at a later time and add something to the middle of the list, there's less items you'll have to edit to get the ordering correct. Once you've updated these fields be sure to click Save