Within your website admin you have the ability to add in your own Brands, Collections and Items, as well as set your own Item Categories. If you would like for us to do a bulk upload for you, a spreadsheet is attached for you to use.


  • Designer's name
  • Designer description
  • Designer's logo (300x150px, 72ppi)
  • Designer's banner (1170x400 (or less), 72ppi)
  • If there are collections within a brand, you'll need the info for the collections
  • Brand they belong to
  • Collection name
  • Collection description
  • Stock Number
  • Name of the item
  • Brand it belongs to
  • Collection it belongs to (if applicable)
  • Item type - choose from dropdown
  • Item sub type - choose from dropdown
  • Gender - choose from dropdown
  • Material type - choose from dropdown, note multiple materials can be selected
  • Material color - choose from dropdown, note multiple materials can be selected
  • Gemstone type - choose from dropdown
  • Gemstone color - choose from dropdown
  • Total gemstone weight
  • Description
  • Details
  • Availability
  • Price notes
  • Item price
  • Width
  • Fit
  • Setting
  • Center stone weight, Low
  • Center stone weight, High
  • Center stone shapes
  • Ring size, Low
  • Ring size, High
  • Product images (image dimensions should be at least 800x800px, 72ppi)

The better you can follow the spreadsheet and the following guidelines, the less information will get lost in translation during the upload.
  • The 'Stock Number' field on the spreadsheet must match the image file name exactly - this is how our system knows which data belongs to which image.

  •  For an item with multiple images, the first or featured image for an item should have a filename of just the stock number. For the additional images of the item, filename should be stock number plus '_a' '_b' and so on. For example: 12345.jpg is the main image for the item and then 12345_a.jpg and 12345_b.jpg are secondary images for that same item. 

  • If certain columns are not applicable, leave them empty. Do not delete any columns from this spreadsheet.
  • For columns with dropdowns, you must choose from the available options.
  • Be particular and pay special attention to the spelling of Brands, Collections, etc. If you misspell a brand name somewhere for example, it will create another brand. 

What do we need from you?
  1. Completed spreadsheet
  2. Single ZIP folder of all images

For more information or questions on organizing your inventory, please contact your Project Manager or if your website is already live, email support@thinkspacehq.com.