The Thinkspace platform allows you to to maintain your own inventory separate from data being fed to your site from our portal. 

If you have custom inventory, an in-house brand, estate or pre-owned jewelry, you will be able to maintain this data yourself via the CMS (Content Management System).

Brand Profiles Info:


Brand Profile:

Logo:  300x150 pixels

Banner: 1500 x 500 pixels

Mobile Banner: 480 x 540 pixels

Brand Bio: Paragraph with your brand story, basic HTML markup supported



Thinkspace will do a one-time bulk data upload for you. 

**Very Important Information**

In order for us to upload your data for you, we REQUIRE that you use and follow the attached spreadsheet template. Use Tab 4 - Possible Values to reference what information is appropriate for that field. 

View the Thinkspace inventory template on Google Drive:


Download for Excel:

Product Images:

In addition to the spreadsheet we need for you to compile a single folder of product images. Your product images must have a filename that is the product's stock number (ex: AB12345.jpg) and nothing else. Each image should be at least 800x800 @ 72ppi and have a white background. High quality images of your product are recommended. We recommend if you need your images to be touched-up. 

The Stock Number field on the spreadsheet must match the image file name exactly - this is how our system knows which data belongs to which image.

For an item with multiple images, the first or featured image for an item should have a filename of just the stock number. For the additional images of the item, filename should be stock number plus '_a' '_b' and so on. For example: 12345.jpg is the main image for the item and then 12345_a.jpg and 12345_b.jpg are secondary images for that same item. The underscore is not required, but we do need a way to know which images below to a single item.

More Information:

The better you can follow the spreadsheet and the following guidelines, the less information will get lost in translation during the upload.

If certain columns are not applicable, leave them empty. Do not delete any columns from this spreadsheet.

Be particular and pay special attention to the spelling of Brands, Collections, etc. If you misspell a brand name somewhere for example, it will create another brand.

You do not need a separate spreadsheet for different brands. Everything must go on one spreadsheet.

What do we need from you?

  • Completed spreadsheet
  • Single ZIP folder of all images


QUESTIONS???   Please email before you spend a lot of time on this!