Many retailers are starting to shoot videos of their products in addition to still images. The Thinkspace platform supports having videos on product pages so that you can place your videos alongside your still images of products.

In order to put a video on a product page, first you need to shoot the video. You should make sure to record the video in a suitable resolution and save it in a usable filetype. A good resolution is 720p or 1080p- 4k is not recommended at this time. 60 frame video output is recommended if available. Any video format works on the Thinkspace platform, but the performance is dependent upon what browser your customer uses. MP4 works universally well across Mac and Windows devices and mobile, and is recommended.

Once you have shot the video of the product, you will need to upload it to an external platform to host the video file that can serve it up on demand. We recommend you create an account with AmazonS3, which is inexpensive, but most hosting sites work fine.

After you have created an account and uploaded your test video file, make sure the video file is set to "public". That will allow anyone with the URL to be able to see the product file. Here is a tutorial on how to make your video file public within Amazons3:

If your website is not integrated with your inventory system then you need to take the video URL from AmazonS3, log into your Thinkspace admin, and put the URL into the 'video url' field and hit save. You should now have a product video on that item

If you are integrated with your inventory system, then you will want to find that product within your inventory system and pick an empty field to put that URL into. You will then want to notify our support team so that we can map that field to the 'video url' field in the admin.

NOTE: The video file you link to must be the root file, and thus end with ".mp4" or similar. Linking to a youtube page or a vimeo page will not work. Some platforms like Vimeo do offer the ability for you to link directly to a video file if you have a paid business or pro plan.