For a page which you want to display on-sale items, special holiday items, new in-store items, etc., creating an Item Category is the best way to get such product on one page. Creating Item Categories is a way for you to bundle product together across brands, item types, etc. In this application, categories are not the same as Item Type (bracelet, earrings, etc.) and will not show in the catalog filters or on the item detail page.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

To Add An Item Category

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Item Categories*
    *Make sure there isn't already a pre-existing category that you can use. If there is, you don't need to create a new item category. If there isn't, proceed to the next step.
  2. Click "Add Item Category"
  3. Name the category*
    *The name doesn't necessarily matter. It just needs to be something you and your team understand and we recommend keeping it short (1-2 words).
  4. From the drop-down 'Group' select "Occasion"
  5. Save!

Once you create an Item Category you can then move onto assigning the category to items by navigating to Catalog > Items. At this time this must be done manually on a per-item basis.