In this article you'll learn how to add a testimonial to your website. Testimonials are a great way to brag about your business and help build trust with your new customers. Testimonials can be a powerful way to influence your customers who may be on the fence.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

You can add a new Testimonial by going to Company --> Testimonials and clicking on "Add Testimonial"

The most important sections to fill in are highlighted below:

  • Status should be active as long as you want the Testimonial to show on the front end.
  • Category is usually always "Testimonials" but can be changed if you want to have different categories available (you would need to add a new category but in most cases this is not necessary nor required)
  • Name is the name of the customer who submitted the Testimonial
  • Organization can be filled in if the person wants to be associated with a certain company or organization but is not required.
  • You can choose to Feature a testimonial if you want it to show up first on the page
  • Rating is like a star rating that you see on many other review sites (like Yelp or Google), you can choose to use it but it's also not required, especially when the Testimonials you're going to choose to highlight are all theoretically 5 star reviews anyway.
  • Position can be left blank, it doesn't show anywhere on the site.
  • URL is used if you'd like the testimonial to link off to another page, in most cases this won't be necessary and is also not required. 
  • Content is for the comment/story that the customer submitted. 
  • Accredited Source can also be left blank, it doesn't show up anywhere on the site.
  • Submitted is the date the Testimonial was submitted and the most recent dates will show up first on the page.
  • Location is for choosing the store location, assuming you have multiple store.  If you only have one store you're welcome to use that feature but it can be redundant with the same store showing on every testimonial.
  • Order is for choosing the order in which the Testimonial will show up on the page. If it's an older post but it's one of your better submissions and you want it to show up first, then you can choose the specific order with this field. The lower the number, the higher it will sit on the page (including 0 and negative numbers).

  • If you have an Image to include with the Testimonial, you can add them under Images.
  • Image is where you can upload an associated image. You can Drag and Drop images into the Images section or you can click the square that says Drag Images to Upload to choose from files on your computer. For instance, if a couple sent an engagement photo along with their testimonial and you have permission to use it, you can upload it here.
  • Image URL should be left blank.
  • Don't forget to Save!