You have the ability to add new local brands to your site at any time, this could include a vendor that is not participating with our Vendor program or a custom in house designer that you would like to feature.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

Add/Edit Brand

Brands are located in your Admin's main menu under Catalog > Brands

To add a new brand click the Add Brand button in the top right hand corner. 

To edit an existing Brand, select the Brand you want to modify and within this page, you can edit the description, add/hide a URL that links to the Brand Homepage, etc.

Once you're on the Add Brand form, Name your brand, add brand collateral.

Brand Attribute Guide.

Please note: Anything that is in bold is a required field. 

Status: Active | Inactive - Used to toggle front end visibility, turn brand on/off at any time.

Name: Brand Name to be visible to your visitors.

Slug: Brand Url path - this piece will fill in on its own. It will look like:  Note this must be unique for all brands and must include no special character or spaces. For example, if the name is "Brand Name" then the slug should be "brand-name".

Description: Html or Basic copy that describes the new brand to your customers.

Brand type: Profile | Catalog - Select Catalog to display products { How to Create New Products } or select profile to display brand details only.

URL: If you would like to link your clients back to your brand, enter brand url here - Note format must match

    ** Note: This URL will appear at the end of the Brand Bio/Description Paragraph (See example image below):


Logo: Brand logo size should be 300 x 150 pixels as either a .jpg or transparent .png.

Banner: Brand banner size should be 1500 x 500 pixels as .jpg, transparency isn't recommended here due to file sizing.

Featured: Toggle Brand as "Featured" This will highlight the brand on your website, placement is based on your theme.

Hide Url: Disable brand URL from being visible ( Typically used to override Brands from the Thinkspace Portal )

Category: Set the Category of your Brand, ( Typically used to control Navigation Filters Based on your theme )

Alias to Another Brand: This allows you to associate all products / collections to another brand.  This is most useful when adding your own products to portal brand, in this example we could alias Local Brand A to Portal Brand A and products would appear as a single brand. 

iFrame: If your brand provided you iframe code, enter here to automatically adjust brand profile layout to accommodate the large content frame.

Page Link: You can use this to link to a specific content page on your site as opposed to displaying the typical brand detail page.

Ring Size Lower: The lower size limit for the ring size (if applicable will be applied to all products of the brand).

Ring Size Upper: The upper size limit for the ring size (if applicable will be applied to all products of the brand).

Ring Size Step: How much you want the ring size to go up by, i.e. 1, 0.5, 0.25, etc.

Meta Description: This allows you to apply a meta description for your brand if needed for SEO purposes.

Once you've entered your brand details, Save your new brand. Your new brand is now visible in the brand list. 

You should then receive a notification that the brand has been added successfully.