In this article you will learn how to adjust where brands appear and in what order for the top navigation. To get started login to your site's Admin.

A few other resources to be sure you have looked through too:

Ordering Brands

Brands can be ordered in the admin.

From the Admin navigate Catalog / Brands.

Brands are re-ordered in almost the same way as Menu Items.

  1. On the Brands admin page, click + hold the three horizontal bars next to the check-box, then drag the menu item above (or below) the brand you want it to be before (or after).
  2. Release the hold on the Brand when you see the Brand in the position you desired.
  3. This saves automatically, you do not need to click "Save" anywhere.

There's also a Reset Ordering button in the top right corner.

Click this button to reset the order to alphabetical by Brand name.


Categorizing Brands

Brands can have a Catalog Item Category set.

This can be helpful when using static menus to split out which Brands show in which menus.

To set the Catalog Item Category:

  1. Navigate the admin Catalog / Brands.
  2. Click the name of the Brand that you'd like to categorize.
  3. Choose your Category.
  4. Click Save.

If you are using static menus your menus should already be setup to use these categorizations.

Find a Brand that's already in the menu you want to add your new Brand to and check it's category.

Update your new Brand with the category of the Brand that already showed in the menu you want the new brand in.

If you are using static menus and you're adding a new menu, please contact support to get the Menu Item Set setup.