As you've noticed we have quite a few widgets.

Widgets go in Docks, Docks go on Pages.

Some Docks are for a section or even global to the whole site.

Change the Widgets in one of these Docks in one place and they'll change for Pages in the section or all other Pages.

The header and footer are often a global Docks, they are the same on every page.

Rich Content

This Widget is the work horse of adding content, it's free form and allows quite a bit of formatting.


Put a Menu in a Dock.  This is how menus are added to pages, you can pick where in the menu the widget starts and how far down the sub-menu-items to go.

Note: Editing the menu itself is done under Admin > Appearance > Menu Items (order by drag and drop).

Catalog List

List out all the catalog items, you can limit what is shown by the options in the widget.

Website Slideshow

Display a slideshow.

Note: Editing the slideshow itself is done under Admin > Appearance > Slide Shows.

Object List

List out almost anything in the system.  Probably best to leave this to Thinkspace staff.

If there is something in the system that you find you want to list out more than once, we will probably make another listing widget for it.

The following all need documentation

Store Locations

List out store locations


Display a newsletter signup form.

Blog Posts

Display the latest blog posts.


Display a feed widget from Facebook

Social Slideshow

Display images from social media.


Display testimonials

Brand List

List out the brands with images.

Grouped Item List

List out catalog items, grouped by brand and type.


List gemstones & diamonds.