If you are posting regularly to your social media accounts, especially Instagram, you should consider connecting your Instagram feed to your website. This can help boost your following and cross promote different sales channels for your business. Thinkspace provides an Instagram widget that is already built into your website.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

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Adding Instagram

Once you're logged in head over to Content > Pages and let's find a good place to add this to your site. Most social media experts suggest adding this to your Home page and your theme or site may already even have a section or dock set up for Instagram.

Click on the page title to begin editing.

Once you're on Change Page you're able to select the dock or section where you'd like to place the Instagram widget and then simply drag it from the library into place.

Once you've dragged the Instagram widget into position, click on the widget you just dragged in order to begin editing it.

Add your Instagram username and determine the number of posts and style you'd like to use. Click authenticate when you're ready to connect your account. This will open a pop-up window and ask you to login and authorize Thinkspace. Follow all the steps until you're returned back to your website and edit screen. 

Once you're authenticated and configured, don't forget to Save Widget!

Common issues with Instagram widget on your website.

Every so often you may need to re-authenticate with Instagram (and Facebook). Whether you're changing your account or you're auditing access to your social media feed, you'll want to make sure Thinkspace is approved.

When all is set up and configured correctly you'll see in green that your account is authenticated.

If your account needs to be re-authenticated our system may automatically disable the widget in order to not show a blank space on your page.

To re-enable your Instagram widget simply uncheck the Disabled box at the top of the edit form. Don't forget to save widget after unchecking or any time you make an adjustment.