Once you have a PDF, adding it to your media folder and creating a link to it is a piece of cake.  

  • from the Link pop-up, select "browse Server" and then choose your PDF file from the media folder:

  • Then just select "OK."  That will turn your text ("here") into a link to the PDF in the media folder.  When someone clicks on it, the PDF file will be returned and opened in the browser or presented as a Save dialog if their browser does not support viewing PDF's natively.

That is the whole process.  It is almost the same as placing an image in your blog post, which I see you are doing successfully.

I'm sorry we don't have a tool to create the PDF from the blog post editor, but that is just a little out of scope for us.  Usually, it is done the other way around. What I mean is, clients, create their blog posts using MS Word, or the tool of their choice.  Then they copy and paste from that tool to create the blog post itself.  The blog post editor can recognize a block of content coming from MS Word for instance and does a good job of converting it to the blog post format.  There is a little adjusting you need to do afterward, like linking the images correctly, but it gives you a good start.  You might try working that way and see how it goes.  Create your posts in some other editor, one that can save a PDF hopefully, then cut and paste from either that editor or the PDF itself to create your actual blog post.  Then follow the steps above to also link the PDF version of the post in the post itself.

Let me know if you have any other questions here.