In this article you will learn how to  add, delete, edit, or hide local items in your website catalog (also known as inventory). Adding and Editing Items, both Cloud Items (Items provided by a brand or vendor through the Thinkspace Vendor Cloud) and/or Local Items (Items that you enter or upload yourself to the Admin) is one of the most important tasks that you will be doing on your website . To get started login to your site's Admin.

First you will need to:

  1. Log into your website's admin (the site URL with '/admin' at the end)  {How to login to your Admin}
  2. Navigate to Catalog > Items
  3. You will now see the Catalog Items List View:  To ADD a new item, click on the Blue "Add Item" button at the top of the Items List.

To begin, you will need to enter 4 basic pieces of item information, enough to initially create the item.

  1. Select the brand - if it is a new brand, you will need to create the new brand first at Catalog / Brands - "Add New" {How to Create a Brand}
  2. Enter the Stock Number for this item
  3. Enter the Name of the item
  4. And finally, Choose the "Item type"
  5. Click on "Save & Continue Editing"

Now you can Enter, The rest of the item information and upload the images and finish creating the Item.

  1. Select the Items "Status"  [Active (shows on front-end), Incomplete, Inactive, Pending, Discontinued (does not show on front-end)]
  2. Select the "Collection" this item is in {Add a New Collection]
  3. Select the "Department" for this item {Add a New Department]
  4. Select Item "Sub_Types" for this item {Add Item_Sub_Types}
  5. Select Item "Styles" {Add Item Styles}
  6. Check Box to "Feature" the Item {Featuring Items and Featured Weights}
  7. Set the Items "Featured Weight" Lower numbers = Higher on the page  {Featuring Items and Featured Weights}
  8. Select Item "Categories" Not the same as Category on the front-end {Adding and Editing Item Categories}
  9. Select the "Genders" for this Item
  10. Select the "Materials" for this item 
  11. Enter the "Item Description"
  12. Add one or more "Images" for this item {Add or Remove Images to an Item}
  13. Add a "Price" for this item {add or edit Prices}
  14. Click on "Save" to complete this item and go back to the List View

Important Notes:

There are additional fields on this page that you may also use.  They are self explanitory

An Item will not appear on the front-end of your site until its "Status"  is "Active"