In this article you will learn how to add variants to products that are currently in your inventory. 


To get started login to your site's Admin.

In this article

Creating an Item Option

Before you can start to add variants for specific products, you will need to create an Item Option within the admin. Once you are logged into the admin, you will follow these steps to create your Item Option. If you have already created an item option, you can move onto the next step.

 1.  From the top of the menu, you would click on "Catalog."

2. Select Item Options.

3. On the right hand side there is a blue button called "add item option."

4. Here is where you are going to fill in the name of your item, slug (which is usually just the same as the item name) and order. These are the three required fields on this form.

You have now created your Item Category that you will use when working with the variants with the item. Next you will need to select your product that you are looking to add the variants to.

Selecting Product to Update

Next, we need to select the product that is tied to your item category and apply this to the product.

 1. Click on Catalog.

2. Click on Items.

3. Find the item you want to apply the item option to and click on item name.

Create Item Variants

This is where you will create your item variants for each of your products. Quick note, if you ever need to edit your item variants you will need to start over from scratch. Therefore, make sure to do all your variants that you want upfront.

1. At the very top of the product page there is an option called "Edit Variants." Click on this button to start to enter your variants.

2. Next choose your item option that you created earlier in the option box.

3. Put how many option values you would like or what you would like to name them. You can put them as 1, 2, 3, etc. or a specific name that ties to your product. Type each one in and then press enter to continuing entering more options.

4. Next you will enter in price for each of the variants. You can fill in any of the other options such as retail price, cost, stock number, etc, but this is not necessary.

5. After you are done entering in all of your data, don't forget to hit the "save" button at the top or bottom right of the page.

6. You have now added your variants. You can always delete, update and make variants inactive by going back into the product's "Edit Variants" page. Just remember that if you need to add, you will need to start from the beginning.