In this article you will learn how to create a gift card item. This will allow customers to purchase gift cards online that they will be able to use for in store or online purchases. 

To get started login to your site's Admin.

Note: Selling gift cards on your site are not automatically fulfilled. Due to the traditional nature of in store gift cards, we let you determine how the gift cards can be used. If you would like, we do have the option to enter these gift cards online to allow your customers to use them in your website's shopping cart. Please find more information in our article on adding and enabling gift cards in your shopping cart.

Creating Gift Cards

Gift cards are created like any other item you have in store. They are purchased through your website like any other item and then redeemable in store. Stores are responsible for setting the Gift Card terms. Most stores choose to mail the customer their gift card/certificate via US mail for no additional shipping charges. You'll want to provide a timeline for when the customer will receive a gift card. Gift cards can be marked tax excempt.

To create an item, select from the top drop down menu Catalog > Items

On the Add Item page you will begin to add the Gift Card Item. You will want to place this under your local store brand. If you need to create a local store brand, here's a quick how to.

From here make sure to Save

Search for the newly created item under Items and select it.

Next you will change the status to Active

Add an image with your logo or other design you would like the gift card to display

Finally you will write your Description for the product as well as assign it to any Department. Adjusting the Featured Weight can adjust where it is featured on your brand page. 

Further, you can add a single Gift Card and use the variant pricing to have a drop down with different gift card values.