Thinkspace has partnered with ClearSale to help prevent fraud and chargebacks when taking orders on your website. ClearSale uses statistical analysis and manual review to prevent eCommerce fraud and allows you to be compensated for fraud-related chargeback costs. With ClearSale and Thinkspace you can protect your revenue and stop fraudulent activity in your online business.

If you don't already have an account with ClearSale, we've partnered with them to make the process as smooth as possible, click here to get started.

Configuring ClearSale

To get started login to your site's Admin.

In the menu, head over to Settings > Commerce.

Scroll down the section titled Payment Processors and select ClearSale under the dropdown labeled Fraud Protection.

Once you've selected your fraud settings, scroll down to the section titled ClearSale. Enter your API information that you've received from ClearSale and any other relevant preferences for your business. We've provided the ability to test transactions here as well, simply check off Test Mode and your shopping cart will run payments through ClearSale's Sandbox area.

Don't forget to Save and you're ready to get started with ClearSale!

As soon as you're set up and orders start coming through you'll notice a section on the order detail page with analysis and scores coming from ClearSale.