Your Thinkspace website comes pre-built with eCommerce and online shopping in mind. You can integrate with online payment processors such as Authorize.Net or PayPal so that your customers can shop from the ease of their own home. If you're interested in monitoring the activity and interest that your online store and shopping cart is generating, you can use the following instructions to view items that customers have added to their carts, see where they are in the checkout process and review completed orders that have been processed using the website's eCommerce functionality. 

If you haven't enabled an online checkout process but are interested, please review this article to see how to get started selling online.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

Click on Shop and then click on Orders.

This page is a list of all orders and shopping cart activity on your website. Here you'll see customers that have added items to their shopping cart as well as orders that have been started or placed. Try filtering down by Status to filter out particular types of orders you are looking for. There is also a Search box if you're looking for a particular customer or order ID.

This listing includes a number of important pieces of information:

  • ID which is assigned automatically by your website
  • Transaction ID which is assigned by the payment processor
  • Email of the customer
  • Status of the order
  • Total price of the items in the cart
  • Balance Remaining on items that haven't been paid for
  • A status of whether the order Is Paid for or not
  • The Payment Method that was used to complete the order (if completed)
  • The Shipping Method chosen for the order (if completed)
  • The Selected Store if the customer chose in-store pickup instead of a shipping method,
  • And the date the cart was Created.

Click the ID on this list to see more details about the order/shopping cart, including address and contact information, items that they've selected, among other import details..

If the checkout process has been completed and you'd like to send the customer a shipping notification and/or a tracking number, please review this article about Order Shipment Notifications.

Note: You may see a number of carts with no email address associated with it or the status showing as Item(s) in Cart. This means that someone put items into a cart but they either weren't logged in or they didn't begin the checkout process.