The Thinkspace platform offers the opportunity for you to send a notification to any customer who has placed an order using the website's ecommerce functionality to alert them that their item has shipped. You can also include a tracking number from your shipping provider if you choose. This will only work for orders fully completed through the online checkout process so if you are interested in setting up ecommerce but haven't done so yet, please review this article for some information on how to get started selling online.

If your online checkout is already enabled and you need to find an Order Number to associate with your Shipment Tracking Number, please review this article to help you review customer orders.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

  • For the Dashboard, click on Shop and then click on Order Shipments.
  • In the top right corner of the next page, click on Add Order Shipment.
  • When creating a new Order Shipment notification, you have a few options that you can fill in but there are only 2 required fields (required fields are in Bold). You need to choose the Order number of the customer you want to send a notification to. You also need to choose the date the item was Shipped. The required and recommended fields are outlined in red below.
    • Order - Each completed ecommerce sale from the site will be available in the dropdown menu to choose from.
    • Tracking Number - This number will come from whatever shipping provided you used to ship the package (FedEx, USPS, EPS, etc...). You can place the tracking number in this field if you want the customer to be able to track the package. This field is not required if you prefer to leave it blank.
    • Shipped - Use this field to tell the customer what date their package was shipped.
    • Expected Arrival Date - Use this field to give the customer an estimated arrival date of their package. This field is not required so you can choose to leave it blank if shipping is not guaranteed.
    • Fulfillment Name - Use this field to note who on your staff completed this package shipment and notified the customer. This field is not required and can be left blank.
    • Customer Message - Each Order Shipment notification comes with default text but you can add some additional personalized text here if you'd like to note anything special to the customer.
  • When you're done, make sure to hit Save. Once you Save, the email will automatically be sent to the customer's email address that they associated with their original order.

The default message that is sent to the customer from the Order Shipment email is below:

    Hi [Customer Name],

    Your Order # [Order Number] with [Store Name] has shipped, your shipping details are below. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at [Store Phone Number].

    Here is your tracking information:

     Tracking Number: [Tracking Number]


    Thanks, [Store Name]

Note: Any message you add to the Customer Message section of the Order Shipment form will be in addition to the default message provided above.