Before we can enable E-Commerce on your website there are a few steps you will need to complete.

1.  Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are set up in your admin here:  "Settings" / "Commerce"

2.  Policies - Shipping, Returns, Store Pickup

What are your policies for shipping, returns, store pickups going to be.  All of these things are required to be listed on your Policies page on your site.  We have some recommendations for sites that help you create these policies.  See the video on setting up eCommerce.

Policies are setup in your admin here:  "Content" / "Pages" - Look for the "Terms and Conditions" page and click on it to edit.  Then select the "Content" dock on that page

3.  Sales Tax Collection

What are the Sales Tax rules for your state and local. Some states require you to collect sales tax in neighboring states - called a reciprocity sales tax law.  You will need a list of all the rates by state or by zip code that you are required to charge sales tax for.  These rules are then entered through your admin at Shop / Tax Classes

Sale Tax rules are setup here:  "Shop" / "Tax Classes"  Add a new Tax class for each state or Zip code that needs one

4.  Shipping Methods 

You will need to setup your shipping methods.  These methods and rates are entered in the Admin / Shop / Shipping Methods.

Shipping Methods are setup here: "Shop" / "Order Shipment Methods"

5.  Shipping Rules (rates) 

For each Shipping Method that you create, you MUST ALSO create one or more Shipping Rules to go along with that Method.  Each Rule defines a price range and amount charged for that particular Shipping Method.  You must have rules in place for any possible order amount, for each method that you offer.  So if you offer "in store pickup" as a method, you will need ONE rule that says for "In Store Pickup" from 0 to a zillion dollars, the charge is - Free.  If you want to use 2-day something, and its $25 for orders under $1000, and Free for orders over $1000, you will need TWO rules for that method.  One for up to $0 -$999.99, and one more for $1000 - $1000000000.  You get the idea.

Shipping Rules are setup here: "Shop" / "Order Shipment Rules"

6.  Prices and Markups


You must verify that ALL of the prices that you are showing are CORRECT!  Thinkspace is NOT responsible for incorrect prices, even if we are providing the items centrally from the BRAND.  Brands OFTEN change prices and don't give us new data, items are discontinued and so on.  We try to make sure the prices are right, but we cannot gaurantee it.  YOU HAVE to CHECK them and make sure they are correct.  Some brands give us COST pricing and there must be Price Rules in place for that brand to apply your correct markup.

Price RULES - are set from the Admin / Shop / Price Rules.  From here you can set a markup for each brand, or choose not to show prices for that brand at all, or disable the cart for that brand.  Each of your brands MUST have a rule in place before you can launch e-commerce.  Even if that rule is - "Do nothing", meaning allow the price the vendor provides to be my Retail Price.

Individual prices on each item can be overridden from the Items Admin at Admin / Catalog / Items.  Again, we are not responsible for incorrect prices.

You need to make sure Brand by Brand, Item by Item, that you have the correct markups in place and that the prices are what you want to charge.  it's one thing to have a bad price on something you can't buy online anyway..But when they can buy it, then you are going to be stuck honoring that price more than likely.

Prices can be reviewed here: "Shop" / "Price List"

Prices Rules can be added or adjusted here:  "Shop" /"Price Rules"

Individual Item prices can be added/edited here:  "Catalog" / "Items"