Thinkspace has partnered with Affirm to allow your customers to pay over time when purchasing items from your website. Affirm allows you to display monthly pricing on your site to encourage customers to purchase and allow you to work with different budgets.

To get started with Affirm, you first need to setup an account with Affirm. Click on this link to take you to the appropriate site:

Next, click on the option to get started as you see below:

On the next screen, when you are filling out your details, in the option for "E-commerce Platform" you are going to choose "Thinkspace."

Once you approved with Affirm, you will need to log into the admin portion of your site to setup the details. Those instructions are below.

Configuring Affirm

To get started login to your site's Admin.

In the menu, head over to Settings > Commerce.

Scroll down the section titled Payment Processors, two sections are relevant for Affirm, first make sure and select Affirm under the dropdown labeled Financing. Second make sure you've selected your Transaction Type, we support both Authorize and Capture and Authorize Only transactions.

Once you've selected your payment settings, scroll down to the section titled Affirm. Enter your API information that you've received from Affirm and any other relevant preferences for your business. We've provided the ability to test transactions here as well, simply check off Test Mode and your shopping cart will run payments through Affirm's Sandbox area.


Don't forget to Save and you're ready to get started with Affirm!

NOTE: Once you have completed testing with the Affirm Sandbox Servers, don't forget to turn off the testing mode within the admin portion of your site.

Once you are fully setup, there will be Affirm promotional messaging on the item detail page, Shopping Cart and Payment pages. Please see screenshots below: 

The Shopping Cart page.

And on the Payment page during the checkout process.