Editing diamond markups throughout your site are easy in Thinkspace. Diamond Markups can be added by Price or Carat Weight to reflect diamond prices on your website. Diamond Markups are useful to provide prices at Cost and then allow you to mark them up. Centralizing control over your diamond markups makes the process consistent and simple. In this article, we'll walk you through the process of selecting a type of diamond markup and how to manage your diamond markups.

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Selecting Type of Diamond Markups

Within our system you have the ability to add percentage markups based on price point or based on carat weight.

  1. Go to Settings > Gemstone
  2. Select the type of markup from the Markup dropdown (Price or Carat Weight)
  3. Save your changes.

Price vs Carat Weight

If you select Price, then that means the markup will be based on the cost. A $500 diamond you may markup 100%, whereas a $4000 diamond might be marked up 30%.

If you select Carat Weight then you can have the markup depend on the carat weight. So a 1 carat diamond might be marked up 100%, or a 3 carat diamond might be marked up 20%. All of that is up to you.

For either Price or Carat Weight you're going to add in a starting value and ending value along with a percentage markup for that range.

Editing Diamond Markups

To edit your diamond markup...

  1. Go to Gemstone > Diamond Markups
  2. Select the markup you wish to edit.

Edit the minimum and maximum price as well as your percent markup. Don't forget to Save your changes.

Adding Diamond Markups

You may need to remove any prior markups if you were previously marking your diamonds up a different way.

  1. Go to Gemstone > Diamond Markups
  2. Click on Add Diamond Markup to add a new markup.

Add a minimum and maximum price as well as a percent markup. Don't forget to Save your changes.

Note: Your ranges should not overlap. So if your first price range is 0-999.99, your next price range should be 1000-whatever. Same is applicable to carat weight. 

Any changes you make will reflect on your site within 24 hours when the diamond list is reimported to your site automatically. If you need the prices to be updated immediately then go to Settings > Gemstone, and then click the Start Import button at the top-right.