If you will be using RapNet Instant Inventory to feed diamonds to your Diamond Search page, you will need to sign up for their Instant Inventory Service. Please note that Rapnet no longer supports the Download Listing Service (DLS) which has been replaced by Instant Inventory. 

If you do not yet have Instant Inventory with RapNet, please contact Sheri Hendricks with RapNet at 1-702-893-9400 or at sherri.hendricks@diamonds.net.

After you sign up, please log into your website admin account and goto Admin > Settings > Gemstone and scroll down, select Subscription Type as 'Instant Inventory', and enter your Rapnet UN and PW where indicated.  


Make sure to add your Diamond Markups and set any Diamond Filters and you're all set.

Note for Canadian Clients - Please remember to set all prices in CAD on RapNet so that there are no currency conversion issues if US suppliers are also selected.

P.S. If you receive an APi code from RapNet, please send that to us at support@thinkspacehq.com so we can look to add that extra layer of security.