Diamond Search is a great tool to use in-store when you do not have the desired diamond in-stock, and you can use your own website to help close the sale. You can configure the Diamond Search however you want in terms of showing or not showing price to the public, showing price only to store associates and/or preferred customers who create and account, etc.

Currently, our system works with the following paid (you pay them) diamond services:

  • RapNet DLS
  • Polygon
  • IDEX Online

We also work directly with a number of diamond vendors who allow us to provide their inventory free of charge:

  • Brilliante Diamond
  • GN Diamond
  • Hasenfeld-Stein
  • Leibish & Co.
  • M. Geller Diamonds
  • MID House of Diamonds
  • Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds
  • Premier Gem
  • RDI Diamonds
  • RDI Trading
  • Stuller
  • MDL (Canadian Dollar)
  • Vantyghem (Canadian Dollar)
  • Waldman (Canadian Dollar)

You can have one or multiple feeds, which will all flow into the same feed on the website. Please let us know which you would like to have. It is up to you to establish relationships with vendors which you don't yet use. 

So what do we need from you?

Did you pick RapNet? We need your account username & password.

Did you pick Polygon? We need your account ID #.

Did you pick IDEX? We need your account access key.