This article explains how to add lab-grown diamonds to your website.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

Step 1 - Before adding the lab Grown diamonds to your website make sure to separate lab-grown diamonds from natural diamonds on your diamond search page

  • Login and go to admin>content>pages and search for the page called "Search Diamonds"
  • Click on the page and then go to 'Edit Options'
  • Check the box to "Hide manmade" to keep them separate from the natural diamonds

Step 2 - Now configure your website settings to accept Lab-Grown Diamonds

  • Go to admin>settings>gemstone
  • Check the box to "Include Lab-Grown Diamonds"
  • Make sure to select a diamond dealer that offers lab-grown diamonds 

Step 3 - Add a new diamond listing page for the lab-grown diamonds to keep them separate from the natural diamonds

  • Go to admin>content>pages and click "Add page"
  • Choose "diamonds' for the page "Category"
  • Make sure to select "Gemstone Lab-Grown List" for the page "Type/Template"
  • Add a URL such as /diamonds/lab-grown/
  • Provide a title tag and meta description, if desired
  • Save the page

Step 3 - Make sure Diamond Markups are set at admin>gemstone>diamond markups. Please note that the same price markup is used for both natural and lab-grown diamonds. Another option is to Use Call for Price functionality for all loose diamonds and then quote prices to consumers on the phone or via chat.

Step 4 - go to the page on the front end and make sure it is displaying properly

Step 5 - Set a menu item to link to the new page under admin>content>menu items