In this article you will learn how to disable pricing for the entire website or make pricing available to only your admin users (staff users who can make edits in the admin of your site).

To get started login to your site's Admin.

Turn off Pricing:

1. Once you are logged into the admin portion of your site, you will see a navigation bar at the top. You will want to select Settings - Commerce.

2. In the first dropdown menu called Show Prices there are options.

  • Off - This option turns off all pricing site-wide
  • Admin - This option will allow only admin-level users to view pricing. This could be beneficial to hide pricing from your customers but allow you and your staff members to use the site as a reference tool.
  • Authenticated - This option allows customers to view pricing only after they have created an account on the site and logged in.
  • Everyone - This option allows pricing to show to everyone regardless of any accounts.
  • Group - This option allows pricing to show only for a specific group of admin users defined in the admin of your site. If you have not assigned groups then you will not need to use this option.

In most cases, you'll want to choose the option called Off to hide pricing site-wide from all administrators and customers. 

Once you have chosen your Show Prices option, hit Save and the prices will update shortly.

If you want to only hide or not show pricing based upon brands/items these articles will walk you through those changes.

Disable Pricing By Brand

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