In this article you will learn how to add, edit, and rearrange menu items. Menu items are your website's navigation, and the primary way your customers will find what they are looking for. To get started login to your site's Admin.

For this article, you must be using the standard menu option. To determine this, you will want to be logged into your admin and click on "Content" and then "Menu Items." 

Once you're logged in:

  1. Navigate to Content > Menu Items

  • Standard Menu: The first menu will be called 'Main Standard'. If you see this, please continue with the instructions below:

Add a New Menu Item:

1. From the menu page, to add a new menu item you would click on "Add" and then "Menu Item" from the right side of the page.

2. It will take you to a new page where you can then create your new menu item. In the Name field put what you want the menu item to be, ex: "Engagement" or "About Us." The slug field will auto-populate, so you can leave this alone.

3.  Assign a Page Link or paste a link into the Web Link field. You do not need to fill in both fields, you can choose just one and leave the other one blank.

4.  The Target should remain the default of "Opens in Same Window. However, if you are linking this to a third party site, we recommend to choose "Open in a new window." This allows the customer to still stay on your site but go also open up a new window for the link. 

5.  The Position and Relative To drop-downs determine where your menu item lives in relation to all the other menu items.

Example: if you have a main menu where it goes Bridal and Engagement, Jewelry, Contact Us, etc. and you want the new menu to be between Bridal and Engagement, you would say Position: After and Relative: Bridal and Engagement. This will put the menu item between your "Bridal and Engagement" and "Jewelry" menu items. 

Fields typically left blank: Status, Status changed, Description, Icon, CSS Class. Do not worry about putting something in these fields.

6. After you have filled in your menu item information, don't forget to hit save or save and continue editing to make it live.

Making a Menu Item Inactive

If you would like to turn off a menu item or make it inactive, this is very easy to do.  You may want to use at a later date:

  1. Click on the menu item you want to hide
  2. From the Status drop-down select inactive and click Save

To delete a menu item that you'll never want to use again:

  1. On the Menu Items landing page, check the box next to the menu item you wish to delete.
  2. From the Action dropdown select Delete selected menu items and click Apply

To rearrange menu items you have two options:

Learn more about the "Parent/Child Relationship" as it pertains to menu items and the following instruction.

Option 1

  1. On the Menu Items landing page, click + hold the three horizontal bars next to the delete check-box, then drag the menu item above or below the menu item you want it to live next to. Release the hold on the menu item when you see a thin purple line exactly where you want the menu item to live. This is an auto-save - you do not need to click "Save" anywhere. This option will look like the following screenshot:

    If you see a thick purple bar, this means you are moving the menu item to be a Child of whatever menu item is highlighted in purple. Again, an auto-save.
    Do not put a Child under a Child. This means your navigation is three levels deep and this is not recommended. Parents and Children. Not: Grandparents, Parents and Children. Capiche? :)

Option 2

  1. On the Menu Items landing page, click the name of the menu item you wish to move. Use the "Position" and "Relative to" drop-downs at the bottom of the menu item to designate where the menu item should live.
            "First Child Of" - use this if the menu item you are editing will be the first menu item to live under another.
    "Before" - use this if the menu item you are editing should come before another (you will choose the other menu item in the next drop-down).
    "After" - use this if the menu item you are editing should come after another (you will choose the other menu item in the next drop-down).

    Relative To
            Select the menu item you want the one you're currently editing, to come before, after, or the become the first child of.