This article will walk you through how to add additional links to your menu. Please note, this is for Standard Menu's only.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

If you are wanting to add a page to your menu, the page must first exist. If you need help with adding a page, you can use this support article "How to Add a Page."

To make changes to your menus, you will navigate to "Content > Menus."

Your website's main navigation will always be labeled as Main. You might have secondary menus throughout the website, such as in the header, etc. 

Adding a Menu Item

  1. Click on the blue Add button > Menu Link from the right side of the page.

2. Next you will name your menu item along with the details of where that menu item will link off to. When you get to the Menu link page, it will look like this:

We'll go over each of these fields in detail:

  1. Visibility: If you want your menu item to show, you will select the option show. If you want this to show up at at later date in time in the future, you will select "Hide."
  2. Link Name: What do you want to name the menu item? This will show up on the main portion of the site, so it's a good idea to name your link!
  3. Link to Page: If you know the exact page that you created, you can use the drop down to find the page name and select it here.
  4. Slug: This should auto populate from your page name. If not, put your page name in all lowercase without any spaces.
  5. Link to URL: If you know the URL that you want to have the menu item link off to, this is where you would put it. Let's say you want it to go to bridal/engagement. You would put the URL of the page without the main link ( It would look something like this:  /catalog/engagement-ring/
  6. Open in: If the link is going to direct the customer off of the site, it's a good idea to change this to "Open in a new Page/Tab" so the customer still stays on your site in the current tab. Otherwise, Same Page/Tab will just open it in the current tab the customer is in.
  7. Position: This is where you want your menu item to live. You have a few options - First Child Of, Before, and After. If you are wanting to put this under a menu item that doesn't have any items under it - this would be First Child of. Otherwise, the before and after say "I want this menu item to before/after another menu item (which you will select in the relative position)."
  8. Relative to: This is where you want this menu item to be in relation to another menu item. So let's say your main items were Bridal, Fashion, and Gemstone. If you wanted it before Bridal, then you would choose Before in the Position option and then in the relative position you would put Bridal. It would then look like this:

After you are done making your changes, really important to save your menu so this will go live. There will be an option for this at the very top and bottom of the page for easier navigation. 

Repeat these steps for each menu link you need to create. If you run into anything or need additional help, feel free to email into support for assistance at We will be more than happy to help!