The Thinkspace system allows you to set up permissions for a few different levels of users on the websites. There are various types of user accounts which will be listed below:

1. There are user accounts for customers where they can edit account settings and wishlists but can not access the admin of the site (these are created by customers on the front end of the site). 

2. There are admin-level users who only have certain assigned permissions regarding what types of items they will be able to add, edit or delete (called Staff Status). 

3. There are also admin-level users who have permissions to add, edit or delete anything on the site (called Superuser Status).

Below are some instructions for how to allow users access for Staff Status and Superuser Status accounts:

To get started login to your site's Admin.

  • From the top navigation bar, go to "Users" and then from the drop down, click on "Users."

  • Next, on the top right click on "Add User."

  • Fill in the account details for the user. The only required fields are Username, Password, Full Name and Email. If you want to fill in anything more, you're welcome to but only items in bold are required to set up the account.

  • Important: When you've finished filling in the account details make sure to hit "Save and Continue Editing" rather than just "Save." This is important to prompt the next window where you can choose specific permissions.

  • The next page is called "Change User" and where you will see a section called "Permissions." There are 3 boxes that you can enable based on the level of permission you would like the user to have. 
    • "Active" is enabled it just means that the user has an account on the site. Any of your customers who make their own accounts will be set as "Active" only since they do not have permission to access the admin side. 
    • "Staff Status" enables the user to log in to the admin of the site but you will need to choose specific items that they are allowed to edit otherwise they will be able to login to the admin but if they try to click anything on the Dashboard, they will get an error. 
    • "Superuser Status" means the user has access to everything and doesn't need to have specific permissions to make edits in the admin. When you want someone to have Superuser Status make sure to enable all three check boxes.

Available User Permissions

  • This is where you would choose the specific permissions a user would have. Note: this is only necessary for those who are given "Staff Status" only. 
  • For this example, this user will only be able to edit pages of content blocks and widgets. If you search for the key words, such as "pages" in the filter section with the magnifying glass and then looked for Pages you can then add any of those items to the permissions for the user. Once you've highlighted the items you want to allow, make sure to press the right facing arrow so that those items will be added to the "Chosen User Permissions" section. 
    • Some of this might be confusing on what you need to choose. You can always email into support for assistance at to get help.

  • Once you've set up the level access you'd like the user to have, make sure to Save!

  • Note: You can always go in to any user's account and change their permissions at any time. Just go back to Users --> Users and click on the email address of the person you're trying to edit and you will be presented with the same options for permissions as you see above.