The Thinkspace system allows you to edit/remove permissions for all levels of users on the website. Below are some instructions on how to do this:

  • Sign into the admin of your account.
  • Go to Users --> Users

  • You can look up a user by name, email, phone, etc. Once you have found them, click on their email address to edit their account.


  • If you have a user that is only set to "Staff Status" (they don't have or need full access to the admin site) then you can follow the steps below to add/remove specific set permissions:

  • ADD PERMISSIONS: Highlight the items you want to ADD in the "Available user permissions" (far left box circled in green in sample photo below), and make sure to press the right pointing arrow -> so that those items will be added to the "Chosen User Permissions" section. To select multiple items hold down CTRL (control for windows), or Command ⌘ (Mac), to select more than one item.
  • REMOVE GENERAL PERMISSIONS | Any of the main three general permissions can be "unchecked" at any time. Keep in mind that DELETING a user is not recommended, but instead unselecting the main three permission check boxes will remove a users ability to access the admin site/features or make changes. Please see descriptions below of the main three general categories:
    • Active: when this permission is enabled, the user has an account on the front end of the site and does not have access to the admin side. Any of your customers who make their own accounts will be set as "Active" only since they do not have permission to access the admin/backend of your site.
    • Staff status: this permission enables the user to log in to the admin of the site, but you will need choose specific items that they are allowed to edit otherwise they will be able to login to the admin but if they try to click anything on the Dashboard, they will get an error. 
    • Superuser: this status means the user has access to every page and feature in the admin/backend of your site and doesn't need to have specific permissions to make edits. When you want someone to have Superuser Status make sure to mark all 3 check boxes

  • REMOVE SPECIFIC PERMISSIONS: Highlight the items you want to REMOVE in the "Chosen user permissions" (if there are any chosen, in far right box circled in purple in sample photo below), and make sure to press the left pointing arrow <- so that those items will be removed.

  • Always remember to Save!
  • **Note that you can always go in to any user's account and change their permissions at any time.