In this article you will learn how to add tax codes in bulk, such as sales tax for specific states, counties, and cities. 

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When selling online many states now require you to collect taxes, particularly when shipping within your own state. You can add individual tax codes one-by-one within the admin (located under Shop, Tax Classes), but what if you have hundreds of zip codes to upload? For that we have a bulk uploaded that works well.

Step 1, you need to find the zipcodes and the total tax rates for the zip codes appropriate for your business. A quick Google search will usually turn up a downloadable CSV file from a government website that is ready to get your tax dollars.

Note: We've attached a template below for you to start with

Step 2, you need to name those two columns properly, plus add columns for the website-specific information that we need. In all you should have 6 columns:


Name is the same as zip code. That is what is shown in the Thinkspace admin next to the zipcode entry, since you can also have names for specific countries, states, etc. Just copy that column

Rate is the total tax rate for that zip code. Input that for each row

Priority is 0 for all of these.

class_type column should say "zip-postal-code" for all of those rows

zip_postal_code is the zip codes

status should be set to active for all of these codes

You can view what a sample file looks like here:

Once you have a spreadsheet with all of that information ready, use the upload tool and select the file, then click upload and you're done! You should now see all of the zipcodes you provided