Thinkspace and Jewelers Mutual® have collaborated to help protect your customers’ jewelry. Jewelers Mutual has been dedicated to honoring and protecting jewelry since its inception in 1913. They offer comprehensive repair or replacement coverage against loss, theft, damage and disappearance with worldwide protection while traveling.

Insuring jewelry is quick and easy for your customers – giving them the freedom to wear their jewelry without worry, knowing it’s protected.

Through Thinkspace and Jewelers Mutual's collaboration, your customers can easily get a quote for jewelry insurance after completing a purchase on your site. To get started, you'll first need an Express Lite account with Jewelers Mutual. Please contact their Jeweler Solutions team at or call 800.336.5642 ext 2118. 

Once you're onboarded with Jewelers Mutual and have the information you need, please login to your site's Admin.

Jewelers Mutual Express Lite

Once enrolled in Jewelers Mutual’s Express Lite program, you’ll need to make a few quick settings changes to your Site’s Admin before you are ready to go.

Once you're logged into the site's admin, head over to Settings > Catalog.

Scroll down and find the section titled Jewelers Mutual.

Select Express Lite from the Version drop-down and enter your unique Retailer ID that has been provided to you by Jewelers Mutual.

If you're unsure of your unique ID, look at the URL Jewelers Mutual sent you. Your unique ID is the last part of your unique URL.  For example,