Your monthly fee covers: hosting, SSL, SPAM filtering/blocking, backups, and ongoing feature enhancements to the platform. 

In addition, a large part of your monthly fee is for the vendor cloud data that Thinkspace provides.  We currently collect and maintain over 400,000 catalog items from over 850 brands.  Providing brand data and updates are based on the number of brands you have on your website.

What your monthly fee does not include:

Blogging, blog posts, creating banners, loading banners, creating artwork, creating content, adding content to pages/menus, making design changes, product entry or data entry of any kind.

In general, we ask that the clients and/or their marketing companies take care of these changes on their own.


Thinkspace support is here to help teach you how to do self-service maintenance tasks and to lend a hand if you get stuck.