Your website is powered and hosted by Thinkspace, we provide the software, the capabilities, and the support to allow you to run your business while we take care of running your website. There are no contracts with Thinkspace, you're a customer as long as you'd like to be. We pride ourselves on our service and if should you ever find that our product, services, and team don't meet your expectations, simply cancel your account.

In terms of your monthly fee, this covers hosting, this covers maintenance, maintenance includes keeping the servers and hardware updated and running, this includes software updates, patches for potential vulnerabilities. This includes backup services incase stuff hits the fan and something gets lost.

Your monthly fee covers new features, new enhancements and continued development on the Thinkspace platform. We're updating your site every single day with new ideas and technologies, providing new opportunities to stay competitive online.

This also includes where applicable, integrations with third-party software and vendors whether your Point of Sale system or your brands and suppliers that you source product from.

This also covers support, which means we're here to help train, to help answer questions, and to do what we can to support. This does not include general updates to content on your site like creating artwork or resizing imagery, this also does not include making changes to your admin in areas where we've made it possible for you to adjust. We're here at all times to help answer and guide, we'd love to help to train your staff and can jump on the phone or screen share to walk you through any and all questions.

Thinkspace prides itself on providing industry leading support and technology to the largest network of jewelers in the world. Thinkspace powers thousands of websites across the world. While this is no small task, our job continues to be, building cutting edge features and capability while at the same time providing unparalleled value at unrivaled cost.

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Thank you for your business and continued support.