Does your store offer a warranty program or protection plan to your customers? Your website can offer the same protection where your customers can optionally add it during the checkout process.

You control the pricing and messaging so that the cost and branding matches your in-store experience.

To get started login to your site's Admin.

In the menu, head over to Shop > Warranties.

Warranties are added on a sliding scale based on price range. If for example you customize the price of the plan based on the price of the purchase, you can add those ranges in directly. 

If you only offer one price for all warranties you would only need to enter one here but make sure the price range covers from zero all the way up to your highest priced item. The most important part is to make sure you have full coverage of prices. If one range starts at $1000, the previous range should cover all the way up to $999.99

Once your warranty ranges are added we are ready to turn it on, head over to Settings > Commerce.

Scroll down to the section labeled Warranties. In order to turn on the warranty system, you'll need to check off Enable.

The Page setting refers to a separate page you may want to link to in order to have more information or space to talk about your warranty options. 

Label refers to the label used on the product detail page, such as Protect Your Purchase or Add Protection Plan

Name is used in the shopping cart and provides the option to brand your warranty, for example maybe you call it your Peace of Mind plan.

Text is used to describe the warranty in a quick sentence or two, this is shown on the product detail page.