First, your page must already exist on the website in order to create a menu link to it. 

Your menu's are under Content > Menu Items. Your website's main navigation will always be labeled as Main. You might have secondary menus throughout the website, such as in the header, etc. 

Adding a Menu Item

  1. Click on the blue Add button > Menu Item
  2. Status, Name, Page Link, Position and Relative-to are required fields.
    Note: The Slug is required but auto-populates based on the name you give to your menu item.
    a) Position options: "First child of", "Before" & "After".
         i. If your parent-level menu item has no children yet, then you'd choose "First child of", and choose the page you want to show this new menu item under.
        Example: I have a Services parent-level menu item, and I want to add my individual services pages to the menu underneath Services. Let's say my first Service is Custom Design. I can actually choose to name my menu item whatever I want - most just choose to mimic the name of the page. Page Link would be my Custom Design page, Position would be the "First child of" Relative-to "Services".
         ii. "Before" and "After" relate to position, and can only be used if the parent-level menu item already has a child-level menu item. You will use the before or after position to place your new menu item before or after other parent or child- level menu items.
  3. Save!